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Welcome to the Chinese Liberal Democrats

Creating a bridge between the UK Chinese community and the Liberal Democrats.

The Chinese Liberal Democrats, patrons Lord Paddy Ashdown and Sir Menzies Campbell, is an associated organisation of the Liberal Democrat Party. We exist to explore ways of reaching out to the Chinese community in the UK and to establish better understanding between the UK and China.

You can read more about our activities below, or using the links on the top right hand side of the page. Remember, we rely on people joining to really make a difference!

  • DPM Nick Clegg MP
    Article: Apr 29, 2015

    Q&A by Editor of Singtao Chinese Newspaper, Alego Poon

    1. What are the policies in the Lib Dem Manifesto that you think would benefit the Chinese community in this country most?

    NC: Our starting point is that no matter who you are, where you come from and whatever your circumstances, you should have the opportunity to fulfil you potential. That's why we've used our time in government to take some great strides in tackling inequality and improving the lives of Britain's ethnic minority communities. So we've helped disadvantaged ethnic minority pupils close the gap with their peers through our £2.5bn Pupil Premium, providing targeted funding for pupils who need the most help. We've supported entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities by helping them get access to finance to start their businesses. And we're proud to have stood up to the xenophobic and nationalistic politics of UKIP, which threaten the wellbeing of new migrant communities and well-established ethnic minority communities, such as the Chinese community, alike.

  • Phil Ling with Nick Clegg GE 2015
    Article: Apr 16, 2015
    By Phil LIng, Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting in http://philipling.org.uk/

    The Liberal Democrats 2015 manifesto has been published and I'm really pleased that the theme is opportunity - we want to ensure that everyone, no matter where they are born, their ethnicity or religion, or how rich their parents are, has the same opportunity to reach their full potential, and to live their lives as they see best.

  • BCPWalkMEmerson
    Article: Mar 29, 2015

    On Sunday 28 March, Chinese Liberal Democrats supported a fundraising walk from Chinatown to Westminster via Limehouse (where Chinese immigrants first settled in London) and four Chinese community centres in Soho, Islington, Camden and Tower Hamlets.

    Speaking at the start of the walk, Merlene Emerson, Vice-Chair of Chinese LibDems and Co-Chair of Chinese WelfareTrust, one of the beneficiary organisations said:

  • BBC CHinese debate 26.3.15
    Article: Mar 29, 2015

    On Thursday 26 May BBC Chinese hosted a debate with Chinese representatives from the 4 main political parties at All Souls Church, Langham Place in the run up to May General Elections. The headline topic was "British Politics and the Chinese Community" with panellists:

    James Chan, Parliamentary Candidate from the Green Party,

  • Phil Ling PPC Tooting 2015
    Article: Feb 21, 2015
    By Phil Ling, Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting GE 2015 in http://philipling.org.uk

    Why do people, and by definition me, get involved in politics? asks Phil Ling.

    This week for the ordinary person they're probably thinking about half term entertainment or what to give up for lent. For the politicos out there, general election fever is slowly coming to the boil, but what makes thousands of activists give up their free time, and those like me, stand for election?

  • Gallery: Feb 17, 2015
    Phil Ling PPC Tooting 2015 BBC Chinese Debate 26.3.15 BBC CHinese debate 26.3.15 Phil Ling with Nick Clegg GE 2015
  • DPM Nick Clegg MP
    Article: Feb 17, 2015

    "I want to wish everyone celebrating, in the UK's Chinese communities, as well as in China, Hong Kong and around the world, a Happy Chinese New Year.

    2015 marks the Year of the Sheep and, with some of the world's largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside Asia, hundreds of thousands of people will be joining in the joyful festivities taking place across the UK.

  • Phil Ling, Candidate for West Barnes
    Article: Feb 9, 2015

    Chinese Liberal Democrat Treasurer, Phil Ling (34), who's parents are from Hong Kong, has been selected by the Liberal Democrats as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting, London.

    Commenting on his selection, Phil says "It is an honour to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting. I'm proud of the Lib Dem achievements in Government, in building a stronger economy and fairer society. It is important for all citizens to be involved in the political process, none more so than the Chinese.

  • Alex Payton and Martin Baker
    Article: Jan 3, 2015

    North West Hampshire Liberal Democrats have selected local barrister Alex Payton as their prospective parliamentary candidate. The selection followed a vote of party members at a meeting in Andover Guild Hall.

    40 year old Alex is an Oxford graduate who specialises in civil law. He is a councillor in Newbury and has previously served as councillor for, and mayor of, Thatcham. In 2010 he was Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Havant.

  • Article: Dec 31, 2014

    "Dave Whelan has been suspended from all football and football activity for six weeks, subject to any appeal, following an Independent Regulatory Commission.

    The Wigan Athletic chairman, who accepted the charge of improper conduct, has also been fined £50,000, warned as to his future conduct and ordered to undertake a mandatory educationprogramme.

    It was alleged Mr Whelan breached FA Rule E3[1] in that comments made to the media were abusive and/or insulting and/or constituted improper conduct and/or brought the game into disrepute.

    It was further alleged that this was an 'Aggravated Breach' as defined by FA Rule E3[2] as it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or nationality and/or religion or belief.

    The Independent Regulatory Commission will publish full written reasons within the next 24 hours. An appeal must be lodged within seven days from receipt of the written reasons.

    The sanction is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Whelan decide not to appeal."

Twinned Cities e-book cover

On sale now both print (£6 plus delivery) and Kindle versions of our book "UK China Twinned Cities - a friendly gesture or a viable channel for trade and investment for regional cities". Email info@chineselibdems.org.uk if you would like to purchase a hard copy or click here to buy it online.

Merlene Emerson: interview with BC Project on why it is important to vote at the next elections

Linda Chung: Lib Dem Councillor for Hampstead Town.

Anna LoAnna Lo: MLA for South Belfast for the Alliance Party (sister party to LIberal Democrats).