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The Chinese Liberal Democrats, patrons Sir Ed Davey MP and Sir Menzies Campbell, is an associated organisation of the Liberal Democrat Party. We exist to explore ways of reaching out to the Chinese and SE Asian diaspora communities in the UK and to establish better understanding between the UK and China.

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  • Bauhina flag
    Article: Dec 6, 2020

    It has come to our attention that an event will be held on 7th December, co-hosted by Young Liberals & SWHK HK on "The decline of democracy and how young Liberals can help". The invitation states "… stand against the Chinese Communist Party in a bid to restore democracy and freedom to this formerly autonomous city."

    We have concerns over the level of imbalance in debates concerning HK and since Ed, Layla and Alistair are on the speakers' panel, we wish to draw your attention to the following:
    1. Amongst CLD members and Executive members, are people who grew up in HK or have families there. Yet, CLD has never been consulted whenever the party leadership speaks about HK.

    2. HK was never autonomous under British rule.

    3. What do we mean by 'democracy and freedom' for HK? What do we mean when we say Stand with HK? Do all 6 million HKers support the protestors and are aghast at the security law?

    Please have a look at this Reuters report on 30th August 2020. According to the Reuters report, polling by HK Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) showed the following:
    • Whilst 60% oppose the Security Law, only 44% support the pro-democracy protest
    movement and 19% support independence from China.
    • 56% agreed with the statement 'Do not label the protests as riots' and 44% agreed
    with the statement 'amnesty for the arrested protestors'.

    There is a lot more data in the report that warrants analysis. Of course, this was in
    August, and we know that the situation in HK is fluid. The report includes a graph that
    track public opinion from December 2019. The point we want to make here is that the
    debate should be more nuanced and based on evidence rather than from an emotional,
    ideological or parochial perspective.

    4. The Sino- British Joint Declaration - Clause 3(2) states: The HK Special Administrative
    Region will enjoy a high degree of autonomy, except in foreign and defence affairs which
    are the responsibilities of the Central People's Government.

    The point here is that we may disagree with some of the clauses or how the Security law
    is implemented but we should acknowledge that China has the right under the Joint
    Declaration to produce a Security Law for HK and jurisdiction over defence and foreign

    We agree that the Basic law provides the basis for universal suffrage in HK and the level of
    autonomy as delineated in the Basic Law should be upheld and defended. However, there is
    a serious question of what some of the pro-democracy advocates really want, as there are
    radical elements who are seeking to separate from China and for HK to become

    What should be the Lib Dem policy on HK? The starting point for determining the policy
    should not be what is happening now or in the past few years, but what will happen in 2047,
    which is not that far away. The choice of end game in 2047 determines what policies or
    strategies to adopt now.

    There are 3 potential end game scenarios.
    1. HK returns to China completely
    2. HK becomes independent
    3. HK continues as 'one country, two systems' for another agreed period.

    The first scenario would be in accordance with the rule of law, as HK rightfully returns fully
    to China. The second scenario would be another 'Taiwan' supported and defended by
    western powers. This scenario would be a violation of the Joint declaration which provided
    a transitional period of 50 years.

    Advocates of the second scenario see the Communist Party of China as 'evil' and must be
    defeated. There is no room for dialogue. For example, when Christine Jardine summed up
    the policy motion on HK during the Autumn Conference, she said that you either vote to
    stand with HK or you are with the Communist Party of China. This is no different from
    Brexiteers claiming Remainers are 'traitors'. The demonising of China has led to an increase
    in Sinophobia and hate crime against the Chinese and other East and Southeast Asians
    communities in the UK.

    The third scenario may be plausible but will require engagement, collaboration and
    compromise. The first scenario would require even more collaboration and compromise to
    prepare HKers to live like others in the mainland.

    The question we are asking is what the Lib Dem Party policy position on HK will be. Which
    endgame scenario does the party want to support? We also ask that the Lib Dem leadership
    consults Chinese Lib Dems on matters pertaining to China.

    Thank you and best wishes,

  • CLD supports Black Lives Matter
    Article: Dec 2, 2020

    CLDs held our Annual General Meeting on 22 November 2020. This has not been an easy year for the Party and the country said our Chair, Dr Yeow Poon. This was due in part to the uncertainty of Brexit and the devastating impact of Covid 19. There has been a rise in reported cases of hate crime and racism against those of Chinese, East and SE Asian (CESEA) descent and many businesses in Chinatown have also been adversely affected.

    Some members from CLDs were involved in the setting up of CARG (Covid19 Anti Racism Group) in tackling the portrayal of CESEA people in the media and in organising information seminars on hate crime reporting in conjunction with the police authorities. We supported the Black Lives Matter movement which started in the US and caught on in the UK. Our members have also written about the lack of teaching of colonial history in schools and highlighted problems with nutrition in children due to poverty and resulting from Covid 19.

    Turning to international issues such as developments in Hong Kong and the introduction of the new national security law, CLD executive members spoke at the Autumn Conference motion on Hong Kong proposed by Alistair Carmichael, which passed with little objection. Nevertheless caveats were raised around the tone of the motion and lack of historical context. More broadly, we are concerned that the debates around China's rise and global impact are causing a rise in Sinophobia, which feeds into racism against Chinese, East and Southeast Asian people. As a party, we need to develop a coherent and nuanced policy on China.

  • Article: Nov 30, 2020

    An open consultation was published on 26 October 2020


    The following was submitted on behalf of Chinese LibDems:

    There were 10 Questions

  • Dr Yeow Poon
    Article: Nov 23, 2020
    By Dr Yeow Poon

    The year 2020 has been challenging for the Lib Dem Party. We did not perform well during the General Election in December 2019. We lost our leader and had to wait until September for a new leader to be elected. It has also been a challenging year for the country due to the inadequate response by the UK Government in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, as we approach the end of the year, we still do not have a Brexit deal with the European Union.

  • Chinese Labour Corps exhibition
    Article: Nov 11, 2020
    By Dr Yeow Poon

    Until about 2 years ago, when an exhibition of the Chinese Labour Corp was held in Birmingham, I was unaware of the Chinese Labour Corp and what they did. It was only then, after living in the UK for 45 years, that I realised that nearly 100,000 Chinese people had served Britain during the First World War. They were then forgotten until a few years ago when a group of people from the Chinese community fought hard for the Chinese Labour Corp to be formally recognised by the UK Government.

  • Linda Chung
    Article: Oct 31, 2020
    By Linda Chung

    The below letter with its explosive content was published in the Camden New Journal and the Ham and High on 29 October 2020:


    The reality of child hunger has been highlighted by Marcus Rashford telling us about his own experiences. Due to the diligence of his mother, he never actually starved but there were many days he went hungry as meagre rations were shared between him and his siblings when money got tight.

  • China: Engage! book cover
    Article: Oct 16, 2020
    By Merlene Emerson in Libdem Voice

    He has done it again. Sir Vince Cable has seemingly effortlessly published yet another book. This is at least his 6th, following Globalisation and Global Governance (2000), The Storm (2009), Free Radical (2010), After the Storm (2015) and the novel Open Arms (2018). Despite its shorter length at around 99 pages, it is packed full with well researched facts and figures, insightful analysis, and is reflective of the mind of an ex economist and academic.

  • Cllr Marguerita Morton
    Article: Sep 30, 2020

    Extract of a 3 minute speech by Cllr Marguerita Morton:

    "Conference I am a Councillor from Tunbridge Wells and a member of the Chinese Liberal Democrats. I am British citizen of ethnic Chinese origin, living in the UK, since 1964. I came to this country as a child of 11 because my adopted parents thought coming to live in the UK would be a better future for me and for my educational development.

  • Bauhina flag
    Page: Sep 20, 2020

    Chinese Liberal Democrats are pleased that there will be a motion, F31, to be debated at Autumn Conference on "Hong Kong's Future." According to the Conference Agenda, it is scheduled for debate on Monday September 28 but at the unfortunate time of 18.50. This means that anyone in Hong Kong who would like to participate would have to stay up till 2am, Hong Kong time!

  • Ade Adeyomo
    Article: Sep 15, 2020

    Chinese Lib Dems are reproducing this update from Libdems Campaign for Race Equality and the Racial Diversity Campaign ("RDC"):

    "The RDC was launched in early 2019. However, its progress was stalled due to Brexit and the snap general election.

    New Party elections were held in February 2020 and a new Executive was elected to run the RDC:
    Ade Adeyemo (Chair), Dipa Vaya (Vice Chair) & Josh Babarinde (Vice Chair).

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Linda Chung: Lib Dem Councillor for Hampstead Town.

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