Chinese Lib Dems support 'Get Active, Get Voting' campaign in preparation for forthcoming General Elections

July 18, 2009 12:00 PM

Merlene Emerson, PPC for HammersmithMerlene Toh Emerson (杜淑真), PPC for Hammersmith and co-founder of Chinese Lib Dems visited the Chinese Association in Tower Hamlets on 11 July. She shared with their members her reasons for standing in the forthcoming General Elections and encouraged them to register to vote.

"It is important for the Chinese in UK to vote because it is a way of having your voice heard and your preference noted.

If you don't vote you have no voice, no opinion and you will have no influence over policies and the Government.

What is of concern to you? - a good school for your children? health care for the elderly, a decent home to live in or a good job?

Don't assume that the authorities and those in power know best. Let's speak up and take responsibility for ourselves" urged Merlene.

Her message was well received and was also recorded by Spectrum Radio in an interview following the visit.

East London is the location of the original Chinatown in London and the Chinese Association in Tower Hamlets was chosen to mark the start of the new wave of electoral registration activities before the forthcoming general election. It was also an opportunity to honour the memories of the early Chinese settlers in the UK and to pay tribute to their contribution to the Chinese community.