Chinese Liberal Democrats join efforts in Chinatown, London to raise funds for victims of Haiti earthquake

January 18, 2010 12:00 PM

Haiti Appeal in Chinatown 17 Jan 2010On Sunday 17 January, representatives from various Chinese community grassroots organizations including Spectrum Radio congregated near the Stone Lions in the heart of Chinatown. The purpose was pure and simple, to raise funds to help in the international aid effort in Haiti following the shocking earthquake that has left hundreds of thousands of people devastated.

As reported in China Daily and other Chinese press, Merlene Emerson, Chair of CLDs said "When China suffered the earthquake in Sichuan Province two years ago, people from different countries around the world had given their generous support. Now with the disaster in Haiti, it is good to see that the Chinese people including those living in the UK will not stand idly and are out here offering what help we can."

At the same time many members of the public showed their sympathy and generosity by coming forward to fill the DEC buckets. Mr Lesley Ng, Chair of the London Chinatown Chinese Association also commended the volunteers for giving their time for this worthy cause.

Donations can also be made on line by visiting: