Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP sends best wishes ahead of Chinese New Year

February 13, 2010 5:00 PM

Year of the TigerNick Clegg MP and and Chair of Chinese Liberal Democrats, Merlene Emerson 杜淑真, send best wishes ahead of Chinese New Year. Nick Clegg said:

"It is with great pleasure that I wish all of the UK's Chinese Community a very happy New Year on the advent of the Year of the Golden Tiger.

"According to Chinese tradition, those born in this year will be optimistic, dynamic, courageous, deep thinking and sympathetic.

"These are qualities which exemplify the incredible contribution the Chinese community has made to Britain over so many years. In these difficult times, they are exactly the qualities Britain needs to face the future.

"This is a great time of celebration amongst family and friends, to learn from the lessons of the previous year and to look forward with the optimism the Year of The Tiger offers.

"I wish all of those celebrating the Chinese New Year a prosperous and successful New Year, both here in Britain and across the Chinese community around the world."

Chinese Liberal Democrats Chair, Merlene Emerson adds her best wishes:

"I am pleased to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Lunar New Year

"Many of us British Chinese living in the UK have originated from different countries but we all share a similar heritage and culture.

"It is however also important for us to integrate into British society and to participate fully as citizens.

"This year will be an especially important one as it will be an election year. Certainly an exciting opportunity to effect real and positive changes."