Lord Dholakia joins Merlene on BC Project election battle bus in Hammersmith

April 20, 2010 12:00 AM

Merlene Emerson and Lord Dholakia on battle bus April 2010On Sunday 18 April, Liberal Democrats in Hammersmith took their campaign to the streets in an open-top election battle bus attended by reporters from the local Fulham Chronicle to the South China Morning Post.

Merlene flanked by former Liberal Democrat President Lord Dholakia and Lady Dholakia greeted local residents saying:

"You have the exciting opportunity on May 6th of changing the face of politics in the UK, starting here in Hammersmith.

"I and the Liberal Democrats promise to clean up Westminster, deliver fairness, and change politics for the better!"

Both Lord and Lady Dholakia came to Hammersmith to endorse Merlene as the best candidate for Hammersmith and to fly the flag for the Liberal Democrats. Supporters and volunteers continued on the bus sponsored by BC Project from Brook Green via Westfield to Chinatown to remind eligible voters to register by 20 April 2010.