Broxbourne votes for Liberal Democrat Allan Witherick, rather than the BNP!

May 9, 2010 6:01 PM

Allan Siao Ming Witherick who stood for Broxbourne constituency on behalf of the Liberal Democrats said:

"This election I was pleased to see both my own, and the national Liberal Democrat, share of the vote increase, whilst we managed to keep the far right groups from advancing. The day was a busy one with a positive increase in the turn out. Something which nationally I hope has been helped by increased engagement from the Chinese community.

Between the Chinese ethnicity candidates nationally I think we have shown that our community is important, is relevant, and has a voice in politics which can only grow."

"Positively, whilst there were short queues, I am not aware of anyone missing out on their chance to vote in my area."

He continued, shifting his focus to the local elections:

"People have forgotten that there were also local elections on Thursday. I am proud to say that we took one seat from Labour and one from the Tories, both in the area I represent on the County Council, so that we retained control of St Albans City & District Council. This was a fantastic achievement and shows how as a party we are still growing!"