Chinese Shadow Parliament to move out of the light

May 12, 2010 4:23 PM

The Chinese Liberal Democrats were saddened to hear that with the passing of the General Election that the Chinese Shadow Parliament part of the EU Chinese Journal will cease.

On hearing of the news that the Editor and Coordinator of the Chinese Shadow Parliament, Ms Nancy Huang, was moving on the Chair of the Chinese Liberal Democrats, Merlene Toh Emerson said:

"On behalf of the Chinese Liberal Democrats we would like to extend our most heart felt thanks, and indeed praise, for the work that you, and the EU Chinese Journal UK, have done during this most incredible election campaign. You have certainly done a most splendid job there and we shall miss you."

Commenting on this one of the regular contributors, Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick, who was also a candidate in the General Election for the Liberal Democrats said:

EU Chinese Journal- you can read the whole article online in Chinese, or here in English

Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick and one of the first articles

"I would like to add my thanks to Ms Huang. The articles provoked a lot of interest from the Chinese community and I had a number of people contact me on the issues raised. It has helped us to highlight that not only is the Chinese community here and has a valuable role in our society, but also that the Chinese community has a SAY in that society. This is something reflected in the number of us seeking election, but also in the general level of engagement which the EU Chinese Journal has helped to improve through this column."

A number of the articles are available to read in both English and Chinese from the website using the links on the left hand side.