Chinese count- make sure we get counted!

June 1, 2010 10:49 PM

Hot on the heels of working to ensure that the communities registers to vote, and uses that vote, we are keen to see that they get counted!

The Census, next due in 2011, is a hugely important document in helping the government to distribute funding and councils to work with communities. Many government formulas rely on using the size of the local population and it's make up to allocate how much each region, and then local authority, receives. Councils and others such as the police and health then use the data to make sure that they are communicating with all of the community on issues and also in access to services.

The last Census, taken in 2001, for example doesn't take in to account the change with people moving in from Eastern Europe in particular, and those moving out to destinations as diverse as France, Spain and Australia.

The Chinese Liberal Democrats are keen that people do register on the census as it helps to ensure that the strength and size of the community nationally is recognised so that when we raise concerns with politicians and others they know it can not be ignored. It is totally anonymous and separate from the electoral role and things like council tax. Unlike the electoral role which only counts voters, the census covers everyone including children and those unable to vote in elections.

The Office for National Statistics is already seeking to recruit people from within the communities to help with the Census. The posts are paid and you can find out more at: