Allan Siao Ming Witherick takes a lead in the UK China 400 programme

June 5, 2010 1:26 PM
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UK China 400 is supported by the British Council in the UK

Chinese Liberal Democrat Executive member Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick will be one of the group leaders later this month for the UK-China 400 programme visiting China with the topic "Environment and Healthy Lifestyle". This links well to Allan's other roles which include being the Shadow Cabinet member for Adult Care Services and Health in Hertfordshire and last year when he chaired the International Youth Forum on Climate Change in Korea.

Last year Allan participated in the Business and Young Political Leaders exchange, both going to China, Hubei province, and hosting two groups in his home areas of St Albans and Hertfordshire.

The exchange has proved to be very interesting and valuable for the participants and those they interact with, with both difficult questions and interesting topics being covered.

Speaking about the trip Cllr Allan Siao Ming Witherick said:

"This is an incredible opportunity and reflects positively the work that our countries need to do to improve understanding and share ideas."