Fundraising for Central London Law Centre

November 15, 2010 1:00 PM

Central London Law Centre fundraising dinner 14 Nov 2010Chair of Chinese Lib Dems, Merlene Emerson, attended the gala dinner and auction held in aid of Central London Law Centre (CLLC) on Sunday 14 November at China Boulevard in Wandsworth, joining 400 other guests to help raise funds to meet the funding gap left by cuts by London Councils.

The latest round of funding cuts of about 20 percent was described by a senior member of staff at the CLLC cutting too "close to the bone". Bobby Chan, legal adviser and a household name to many in the Chinese community took up the mantle to find the shortfall by staging a big fundraising dinner and supporter and users of the services turned up in droves to offer support and help. They were in turn treated to a wonderful show of Chinese music, dance and kung fu demonstrations to accompany a traditional 10 course banquet.

When interviewed by New Tang Dynasty satellite tv, Merlene commented: "We understand that in the Coalition Government's 'big society' we all have a part to play. The Chinese community has always been resourceful and ready to help our own.

"However legal advice and services are vital in a civil society and we will fight to safeguard services provided by important centres such as CLLC. We need to ensure there are services to look after the most vulnerable and desperate people in society, lest they be ripped off by unscrupulous lawyers or fall prey to criminal elements in order to survive."