Chinese Lib Dems working with BC Project on Crime Survey

March 20, 2012 6:27 PM

APPCBG Crime survey 2012The All Party Parliamentary Chinese in Britain Group have launched a national Crime Questionnaire to gather evidence on Chinese communities' relationship with the Police.

This is of course a very important subject and thanks in advance to everyone helping to disseminate this to the wider public.

From London to Newcastle, Chinese Lib Dems have been urging members from the Chinese community to down-load the bilingual forms and to return their responses to BC Project, co-ordinators of this massive exercise.

"The more people respond to this survey, the more accurate will be our data collected. Only when hate crime and other criminal offences are reported, will the authorities be able to take action and consider the needs and concerns of our community" said Merlene Emerson, Chair of Chinese Liberal Democrats.

Link to Crime Questionnaire

NE Chinese Association March 2012