Byelection called in Hampstead Town

September 15, 2012 6:30 PM

Jeffrey Fine & Linda ChungAs one of the Tory Councillors in Hampstead Town has resigned, a vacancy has presented itself and a byelection called for 27 September!

Cllr Linda Chung. Vice-Chair of Chinese Lib Dems, is currently the only Liberal Democrat Councillor in the ward, Hampstead town, in a Labour controlled borough of Camden. She is a hard working and popular Councillor having been first elected herself in a byelection in 2008, which seat she managed to retain in the local elections in London in 2010.

Dr Jeffrey Fine (pictured with Linda) is our Liberal Democrat candidate. He is a medical doctor by profession, has been resident in Hampstead for over 30 years and would make an excellent local Councillor. Getting a second LibDem Councillor will also strengthen Linda's invaluable work in Hampstead and in Camden Council and ensure we continue to have politicians in the UK from diverse backgrounds.

Linda and Jeffrey have been standing with local residents against the planned closure of Hampstead police station, protecting businesses on the High Street and on other local issues.

To help, please contact us at or ring 07808 480550.