Chinese Liberal Democrats back the Occupy Hong Kong protests

October 1, 2014 9:37 PM
Alex Ogle, AFP, Getty Images (Alex Ogle, AFP, Getty Images)

Alex Ogle, AFP, Getty Images

The Chinese Liberal Democrats are fully supportive of the Occupy Hong Kong protests and their objective of full universal suffrage

Chinese Liberal Democrat Treasurer Phil Ling, with family in Hong Kong, said:

"I am extremely concerned about the recent events in Hong Kong and hope that the protests remain peaceful. I, and the Chinese Liberal Democrats, are fully supportive of the demands of Occupy Hong Kong. I would even go further and say how proud I am of the nature of the protest, which has been declared one of the politest the world has seen.

China, and Britain, have obligations to the people of Hong Kong to preserve their rights and freedoms, under the terms of the Joint Declaration signed in 1984. China should not waver from that commitment, and following the spirit of the agreement is has, if not more important than following the wording of the agreement. For the spirit to be maintained Hong Kong should have a genuine choice of Chief Executive in 2017, through universal suffrage."

Linda Chung, Chair of the Chinese Liberal Democrats, added:

"I am for the rule of law - the Chinese government would be the ones to lose out if they did not honour, both morally and contractually, what they have promised. I am proud of the progress that China, economically and socially, has made but if they are to go forward as a strong country which will be respected globally, they should stick to their agreement and let the Hong Kong people have a voice and allow democratic and fair elections, as promised.

The British should not lecture or patronise the Chinese, as there were no free elections under colonial rule, however, as a co-signatory of the Joint Declaration, they have a responsibility to the Hong Kong people to ensure the agreement is met."

There will be an emergency motion on Hong Kong to be put before the party at the Autumn Conference in Glasgow (proposer Merlene Emerson, summator Baroness Kishwer Falkner).