Chinese LibDems Lunar New Year celebrations

February 21, 2016 9:42 AM
Caroline Pidgeon at CNY dinner Feb 2016

Csroline Pidgeon AM, MBE speaking

Chinese Liberal Democrats celebrated the Lunar New Year on the evening of 18 February 2016 with a fundraising banquet in preparation for the Mayoral and Greater London Assembly (GLA) Elections in May 2016.

The event was fully subscribed with VIP guests including Ms Priscilla To, Director General of the Hongkong and Economic Trade Office, representatives from the Malaysian Chinese Association UK, Operation Black Vote as well as Chinese and Korean friends from the business and grass roots communities.

CLD Vice-Chair and GLA candidate, Merlene Emerson, welcomed guests and introduced Mayoral candidate, Caroline Pidgeon AM, MBE, and the other GLA candidates standing for the Liberal Democrats.

CLD Co-Chair, Jerry Cheung, CEO of New Era development travelled down to London from Sheffield to preside over this important event in the calendar. Jerry shared that his vision for the Chinese community in the UK, is one that is politically engaged and understands the need to have a voice and representation.

In her speech, Caroline Pidgeon said that London was culturally richer and our economy stronger from the contributions made by the Chinese in UK.

"I look forward to working with the Chinese community to help businesses thrive, improve public transport and make London a safer, greener and more prosperous city."

Merlene added:

"I am excited about the prospect of joining the ranks of the 25 Assembly members that oversee the work of the Mayor of London. Should I be elected I will work hard to represent all Londoners and to reach out to the many minority groups who are currently under represented including the Chinese and SE Asian communities.

"I will also work to improve trade and cultural links between London and other major cities to create more jobs and opportunities for Londoners."

CLD Chinese New Year banquet Feb 2016

Jeremy Yin, Jerry Cheung, Simon Hughes, Merlene Emerson, Carl Carlstedt, Chris Georgiou, Alex Payton

Julia Liang, violinist CNY dinner 2016

Julia Liang, Violinist

Sir Simon Hughes was guest auctioneer for the evening. He thanked Caroline and all the GLA candidates for their commitment to serving Londoners and wished them success in the Year of the Monkey!

Editor: All British, EU and Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in the London Mayoral and London Assembly elections. More information can be found at London Elects website.

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