Happy 90th Birthday to Her Majesty!

June 12, 2016 12:06 PM

As is the convention, on the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, the London Gazette publishes the list of people from all walks of life who have been honoured for their contributions to society.

According to the Press Release from the Cabinet office, 1,149 people have received awards in this historic year. 70% of the recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity. There are 538 successful women candidates in the list, representing 47% of the total. And 8.2% of the successful candidates (90 people) come from a BAME background: the greatest ever number of BAME recipients in an honours list.

Within that number of 90, we are delighted to announce is our very own Vice-Chair and Co-founder, Merlene Toh Emerson who has received an M.B.E. for "political and public service".

She is one of a number of other Liberal Democrats who were named in the Queens Birthday Honours. See the LibDem Voice blog for more information.

Merlene Emerson London BridgeMerlene said:

"I am pleased and humbled to receive a Queens Birthday Honour for political and public service. I got involved in UK politics some 12 years ago and admit it has not been easy [being a Liberal Democrat activist]. This honour is welcome affirmation that I am on the right path and I am greatly encouraged to continue to serve the communities that I am involved with."