Chinese LibDems march for Europe

March 27, 2017 5:51 PM

CLD march for Europe 25 March 2017On March 25th, CLDs were out in full force with thousands of others marching from Marble Arch to Parliament Square to make our voices heard and to support the 48%.

As Dr Yee Wah Foo said, "Brexit may take different forms - if we are destined to leave, then the manner in which we leave becomes ever more important."

"We think it is the people who should have a voice over what kind of Brexit we get" continued the former Chair and current Secretary to the CLDs.

"It was a great turn out at the march and rally with participants of all ages, gender and ethnicity. All the speakers spoke well, especially Tim Farron and Nick Clegg" said Phil Ling, Treasurer of CLDs. "It was especially warming to see a great response to the Liberal Democrats, the only party United on Europe".

Meanwhile, new member, Sarah Cheung Johnson had travelled down to London from Cambridgeshire to take part in her first protest march.
Sarah Cheung Johnson

"Straight after the Brexit vote I joined Remain groups online and they became my second family to exchange news, views, anger and sorrow. The march was a physical way we could go and express all these complex emotions, together. I also got to meet some of my Facebook friends in real life which was fantastic," declared Sarah.

Indeed the march which was represented by people from all walks of life was "diverse, peaceful, happy" and showed the best of the open Britain that we all know and love!