3 Successes at May Local Elections for Liberal Democrats of Chinese descent

May 31, 2019 10:27 AM
Cllr Helen Chuah with Rabina Khan, Roger Lynch, Kishan Devani

LDCRE action day in Colchester

Congratulations, first of all, to Cllr Helen Chuah who has been triumphantly re-elected as Councillor in St Ann's ward on Colchester Council. The LibDems came through strongly holding every seat and even winning one from the Tories. It was great to see Helen Chuah and Nick Cope hold their seats well in difficult circumstances (and Nick will be their Lib Dem Mayor for the coming year).

Secondly, in Tunbridge Wells, the Liberal Democrats have gained 5 seats on the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, 3 seats on the Southborough Town Council and a seat on the Rusthall parish council. Congratulations to Cllr Marguerita Morton for her landslide win in St John's ward with 1165 votes (runner up Peter Oakford, Conservative with 347, Benjamin Philips, Green with 174 and Louise Reid, Labour 154).

Tunbridge Wells Libdem Councillors2019

Tunbridge Wells Libdem Cllrs

Thirdly, we have learnt that Wells Liberal Democrats have done brilliantly as well, and our number increased by 700% on Sedgemoor District Council. Bill Revans, previously sole Liberal Democrat at Sedgemoor, is now joined by 6 other Lib Dem colleagues including one Gary Wong. Congratulations and welcome Gary to Chinese Liberal Democrats - we look forward to reporting your story soon.

Sedgemoor LibDem Councillors 2019

Sedgemoor LibDem Councillors