3 Cheers for Council Candidate Collins!

May 18, 2021 11:11 AM
By Victoria Collins

Victoria Collins in IslingtonOn the 26th March 2021, we found out we would have just 41 days to run five local by-elections in Islington alongside the London elections. Having met many fantastic Councillors and being involved in the local community, I knew I wanted to stand as a Councillor, but this was sooner than expected. However, supported by an incredible team, I went for it and worked alongside other fantastic candidates to make waves in Islington.

In the last year, especially during this global pandemic, engaging with my local community has become even more important to me. I know my neighbours better than ever, I'm more involved in local organisations, and I now know the streets of Islington inside out. The beauty of Islington has revealed itself more than ever but so have the issues that local people face.

Over the last few years, I've got to know many Councillors both in London and elsewhere, especially LibDem Councillors, and appreciate the vital work they do for their residents. Local Councillors are the front-line workers helping residents and their communities with a wide range of issues including housing, transport, health, and the environment.

We only had five short weeks for the campaign. Initially, I was excited but also terrified at how quickly the time would pass. However, thanks to the support of the team, we managed to knock on 1500 doors and speak to hundreds of residents. With the support of friends, activists and the Chinese Liberal Democrats we were able to get our message directly to voters through leaflets, letters, and social media. Having a platform to talk to residents, understand their issues, and propose solutions is what makes it worth it.

I believe a good Councillor should empower their local community and work closely with residents. You can help individuals and businesses and be a voice for so many who need theirs amplified. Even just standing as a candidate, you can make a difference and lead positive change inspiring others to do the same. Whatever your experience, if you care about making a difference in your local community, you should stand whenever you have the opportunity. I have loved getting to know my part of London even better and intend to stand again, building on what I achieved this year.