Stop Asian Hate rallies

July 30, 2021 10:57 AM

Victoria Collins at rallyOn Saturday 24 July Chinese LibDem members participated in rallies to say #NotoAsianHate. These protests were organised by the Facebook community group Stop Asian Hate UK and simultaneous protests were held in London, Birmingham and Newcastle to raise awareness about the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

PPC Victoria Collins of mixed Anglo-Chinese heritage was at the London rally held in Parliament Square. She spoke alongside a wide range of speakers, including representatives from the Covid-19 Anti-Racism Group (CARG), Stop Asian Hate UK and other community leaders to more than 150 people attending.

She urged people of diverse backgrounds to speak up and tell their stories. Racism may be deeply rooted and have a long history, but they owed it to themselves, and to British society to ensure that hate crime is tackled. She said the real virus was hatred and prejudice.

"We are more than a tick box on a form; we must stand up, demand more of our representatives and demand better" cried Collins to the cheering crowds, even as traffic sirens sounded in the background.

In Birmingham, Dr Yeow Poon spoke as Chair of CLDs and the Chinese Community Centre, Birmingham. He said that there have been incidents of assaults on Chinese and SE Asians including students and lecturers in cities across the country, from Southampton to Sheffield and Liverpool.

"It is important that we stand together, that we help and support one and another. That is why we are here today with other organisations such as Asian Resource Centre and Migrant Voices…" said Poon.

Stop Asian Hate Rally in Birmingham 24.7.21

Stop Asian Hate Rally in Birmingham

You can watch a video posted by Migrant Voices about the events here:

Thanks to everyone who stood up on behalf of our communities and who continue to make our voices heard.

"Stop Asian Hate!"

"Hear us clear, hear us loud, Asian hate is not allowed!"