Make September ESEA Heritage Month

September 9, 2021 2:27 PM

ESEA Heritage monthAn energetic group of young people have launched ESEA (East and SE Asian) Heritage month in September to complement Black History Month in October.

According to the founders of ESEA heritage month, this "would be a way not only to foster community cohesion among ESEA people themselves, but to bring ESEA culture and heritage to the forefront of narratives toward the government objective to foster a modern and diverse Britain."

Chinese LibDems wish to raise awareness of the tremendous work that have gone into planning the wide-ranging cultural activities - as can be seen from their webiste. We have been contemplating how we can support their effort to highlight the history and contributions of people from East and SE Asian communities to British society. The most obvious is of course to disseminate this information as widely as possible and to lobby our LibDem MPs and GLA members to ask for their support too.

In addition, we have decided to waive our annual membership fee of £10 in the month of September to anyone from ESEA background who would like to join us (either as a friend or full fledged member, if already a Libdem). You are welcome to email us at,uk if you would like to claim your free membership and tell ask what are the issues of concern to you as a person of ESEA background in the UK.

Would you like to become more active politically or perhaps would contemplate standing as a local Councillor, or Parliamentary Candidate? CLDs have a mentoring and grant programmes to support prospective candidates and would love to hear from you! Arm-chair members are of course welcome too!