Introducing Yi-Pei Chou, Council Candidate in Aberdeenshire

February 22, 2022 3:27 PM
By Yi-Pei Chou Turvey

Yi-Pei Chou TurveyAbout Yi Pei

I was born in Taiwan from Hangzhou and Hakka descent, then raised in Belgium, and am a mother of three children with my British husband. Thanks to my upbringing, I'm fluent in three languages, which is a blessing in the world today.

People are my motivation: I want to be part of creating a fair society and great community. Since my teen years I've been involved in charities such as Oxfam, the Church, and I have led groups such as Scouts and playgroups. I have also campaigned in local politics and for students' rights as a class representative.

Now it's time for me to use this drive to serve my local community.

About the Libdems and my values

Life is a constant balance to create a fair and equal world for society and for ourselves. The world is reeling, communities have been split by rival nationalist agendas and internet disinformation. We need more than ever to bring people together and connect to the community and the land we share. The Liberal Democrats work in every aspect to build a brighter future where the values of liberty, equality and community can be found. These values are my values.

About Banchory and Aberdeenshire

"From mountain to sea": we are so fortunate to live here. From the Cairngorms National Park to the beaches of Stonehaven, the castles, the parks, and so much more. I am always proud to share what is great about this area with my family and friends and as a former travel industry worker I know how to put our area on the map!

Through daily life and social media, I am well connected to local towns and communities. It is clear that people here love our towns and villages and the countryside and nature that surrounds them. Every day we see examples where we are stronger when we help each other.

However there is still more to do to improve the sense of community, our infrastructure, and to help local schools, shops, and businesses achieve their potential. Once elected, I will work hard and improve and bring all those important things to a great level.

Editor : Yi Pei will be standing for the local elections in May for the target ward of Banchory and Mid Deeside. If you would like to help in her campaign please email for more information.