CLD Executive

The day to day work of the Chinese Liberal Democrats is carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers from across the country and all walks of life.

They include activists with a passion for the Chinese community and Chinese culture, through to individuals who are elected to local government in their own right.

CLD Executive 2021

  • Co Chairs: Dr Yeow Poon
  • Vice Chair: Cllr Sarah Cheung Johnson
  • Treasurer: Merlene Emerson
  • Secretary: Cllr Marguerita Morton
  • Membership Secretary:
  • Executive Members: Yeing-Lang Crouch, Cllr Yuktesh kumar, Paul Reynolds, Victoria Collins, Linda Chung

Please don't hesitate to contact any of the Executive members either by e-mailing or by using the "Your Views" form on the left.

CLD Chinese New Year banquet Feb 2016