Reasons to Join the Chinese Liberal Democrats

The Chinese Liberal Democrats was set up as a bridge between the party and the Chinese and SE Asian diaspora communities in the UK.

By identifying their needs and aspirations we can help the Party formulate appropriate policies and strategies and help increase diversity within the Party. We are also keen to encourage more members from the Chinese and SE Asian diaspora communities to become politically engaged, to empower them to have a voice and to take part in the democratic process. CLD gives financial and other support to aspiring candidates and their local parties.

We are an Associated Organisation of the Liberal Democrats.

Should you agree with our aims and objectives and would like to support our outreach, campaigning or policy work, please join as a member or a friend (for non LibDem members)..

Join the Chinese Liberal Democrats

We need your help to change things.

Want to join the Chinese Liberal Democrats?

You can always register on this website using the sign up form to keep informed about what's going on.

Option 1: Join the Chinese Liberal Democrats online

Step 1 - Start by completing the registration form using the link below.

To register your details with us click here.

Step 2 - Make your payment online.

This can be done using paypal at this link.

If you don't want to pay by paypal (you can use the link Go Cardless Link to pay £10 per annum by credit/debit card

Option 2: Download Application Form

To join The Chinese Liberal Democrats, simply download and complete the Membership Application Form.

Further instructions including where to send the application can be found on the form. Or contact for more information.