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Chinese Shadow Parliament

Chinese Shadow Parliament

This section includes articles written as part of our contributions to the EU Chinese Journal UK "Shadow Parliament", an attempt to engage the wider Chinese community in politics through debate and discussion.

We are proud to have been supportive of the work of the EU Chinese Journal to raise awareness of issues in the community. Politics isn't for the elite. It isn't abstract. It affects each and every one of us every day.

The articles below reflect our individual responses to a number of the topics which have been raised over the "life" of the Shadow Parliament so far. Where possible we have included both the English and Chinese translations.

- Topic 1 Cuts and the Economy - Merlene Emerson

To deal with Britain's increasing deficit, what kind of public spending should be cut? And how these cuts would impact or help, if any, the ordinary local Chinese people?

- Topic 2 Language Barriers - Allan Siao Ming Witherick

Should achieving a certain English level become one of the pre-conditions for immigrants to gain UK Residency?

- Topic 3 Who's afraid of the BNP? - Neville Farmer

Can the rise of BNP cause an increase in harassment/violent attacks from racists to the Chinese take-aways and restaurants?

- Topic 4 Afghanistan - Merlene Emerson

Why exactly should the British troops still be in Afghanistan? Shall there be a Plan B?

- Topic 5 Fiscal Measures - Linda Chung

Should an emergency supertax be imposed to the bankers who are in steady recovery? But can this be a dangerous move as the banks are just starting to function again?

- Topic 6 Improving Schools - Allan Siao Ming Witherick

What should be done to improve both the quantity and the quality of public schools?

- Topic 7 Restaurants and Chefs - Dr Denis Wong

Do Chinese restaurants have to hire Chinese chefs? Is 'training the locals' really a feasible plan to meet the needs of the Chinese catering industry in the UK?

- Topic 8 Hung Parliament - Philip Ling

Can a Hung Parliament take place after the next general election? Can it be a good thing or a bad thing to Britain?

- Topic 9 In to 2010 - collated by Merlene Emerson as Chair of the Chinese Liberal Democrats

With 2010 just around the corner, what is your new year wish to your party in 2010? How about your forecast to other UK major parties?

We will add up the articles as we are able to.