Survey on Change of Name of Chinese Liberal Democrats

Chinese Liberal Democrat Candidates 2010Chinese Liberal Democrats was established in 2006 primarily as a bridge between the Liberal Democrats and the Chinese diaspora communities in the UK, to give a voice to those of Chinese heritage.

With the rise of China's importance and the strength of its economy, coupled with encouragement by founding Patrons Paddy Ashdown and Sir Menzies Campbell, we found ourselves drawn into commenting on UK-China relations and on informing party policy.

However after 15 years, partly triggered by increase in race hate crime against the Chinese as well as people of East and South East Asian background, we have thought it timely to consider a change of name to expand our reach and target membership to people from other E and SE Asian diaspora communities.

The acronyms ESEA (East and SE Asian) and BESEA (British East and SE Asian) have become more commonly used in the media as it captures people from other countries including Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

We would like to consult our members and supporters on whether it is a good idea for us to change our name through this short survey.

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer accepting entries for this survey.